2-4 October 2019
Concordia University Conference Centre
America/New_York timezone

Edging closer to the hardware for kernel CI on input devices

4 Oct 2019, 09:55
Concordia University Conference Centre

Concordia University Conference Centre

1450 Guy St. Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3H 0A1
Talk (half slot) (closed) Main Track


Avoiding regressions in the input stack is hard. Ideally, every commit and the ones before it are tested against every possible device. But the universe hasn't seen it fit to provide us with an army of people to test devices, infinite resources, or even a lot of time to spare. Pity, that, really. But we do have a computer, so that's a start.

In this talk we show how we moved from basically no regression tests 10 years ago in the input stack, to a state where every commit gets tested against variety of devices. We show how we can do CI on the kernel side, and how we can do CI on the user space side.

GSoC, EVoC or Outreachy No
Code of Conduct Yes

Primary author

Benjamin Tissoires (Red Hat)

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